2016 will be a year of strong growth and Growth creates recruitment.
Indeed, our value lies in our human capital.
It is you who are wearing. The GLOBAL values, it is you who build the daily.
Who better than you can ambassador GLOBAL mind?

Do together 2016 the year of the appointment.
You are exceptional personalities and you certainly know more!
So go ahead, take to the game, play as the first channel of our recruitment.


How it works?

Stay tuned ! Consult offers group, share them on social networks, make them live, share your own experiences.

Know someone whose skills are in tune with our needs? You think it fits our mood?

Let him share your experience and with his agreement, passing the resume to our recruitment service.


A person from your network is hired? You receive a bonus at the end of the trial period.

In 2016, become the top scorer of the year by the multiplicity of your actions and hiring done through you and touch an extra bonus ..

We have many other sought-after profiles